Avoid Long Repair Delays in March –July.

Prevent Summertime Downtime with Fall/Winter Preventive Maintenance

Fall and Winter service customers receive prioritized service if they have a problem during the summer.
(Our experience shows that Winter Service Customers have very few issues during the Summer.)


  • Snow Blowers – $49.00 + Parts and shop supplies.
  • Push and Self Propelled Mowers – $59.00 + Parts and shop supplies.
  • Residential Lawn Tractors and Zero Turns* – $179.00 + Parts and shop supplies.
  • Commercial Zero Turns – $229 – $269 + Parts and shop supplies.


Fall/Winter Tune-Up Includes the following when applicable:

  • Pick-up and delivery**
  • Change oil and replace oil filter
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Clean unit
  • Sharpen and balance blades
  • Replace spark plug
  • Adjust carburetor
  • Set RPM’s
  • Check safety switches
  • Adjust brakes
  • Stabilize fuel
  • Clean battery terminals, add water and charge battery
  • Set deck level and pitch
  • Adjust air gap on PTO clutch
  • Inflate tires to proper pressure
  • Change transmission oil and filter
  • Inspect belts and adjust
  • Replace fuel filter

  *Larger riders and lawn tractors with 3 blades will – $189 + Parts and shop supplies.
**Additional charge of $4.00 per each mile over 20 miles from shop.

Special pricing ends January 31st 2025

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