Prevent Summertime Downtime With Fall/Winter Preventive Maintenance
(and avoid long repair delays during March – July)

PLUS…Fall and winter maintenance service customers receive prioritized service if they have a problem during the summer! 
(Our experience shows that Winter Service Customers
have very  few issues during the Summer.)


  • Snowthrowers – $39.00 + Parts and shop supplies.
  • Push and Self Propelled Mowers – $49.00 + Parts and shop supplies.
  • Residential Lawn Tractors and Zero Turns* – $149.00 + Parts and shop supplies.
  • Commercial Zero Turns – $179 – $209 + Parts and shop supplies.

Guaranteed to start in the Spring, or we’ll make a free service call.
Special pricing ends February 15th 2022.

Fall/Winter Tune-Up Includes the following when applicable.

Pick-up and delivery**
Change oil and replace oil filter
Clean or replace air filter
Clean unit
Sharpen and balance blades
Replace spark plug
Adjust carburetor
Set RPM’s
Check safety switches
Adjust brakes
Stabilize fuel
Clean battery terminal, add water and charge battery
Set deck level and pitch
Adjust air gap on PTO clutch
Inflate tires to proper pressure
Change transmission oil and filter
Inspect belts and adjust
Replace fuel filter.

  *Larger riders and lawn tractors with 3 blades will be $10.00 extra.
**Additional charge of $1.00 per each mile over 20 miles from shop.


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